Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vista Upgrade & Installation Options

Windows Vista know doubt provides one of the best GUI interface and resolution windows has came along with, and so it is a something that tampers every individual to go for it.

But going for a Windows Vista experience depends on the way you want to approach it for some it can be in the form of buying a new PC. The Personal Computers this days comes along with Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic.

For others, the experience begins by upgrading a current Personal Computer. If you plan to upgrade, it's important to understand the options that you are left out with before giving a go for it. Your choices depend on the version of Windows that is currently running on your PC and the type of computer hardware you have to run certain features. Here's how you can start planning for an upgrade to Windows Vista.

You can upgrade from your current edition of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 to a corresponding or better edition of Windows Vista by purchasing and installing an upgrade copy of Windows Vista.

The table below provides the outlines for the upgrade options mapped to the different Windows Vista editions.

(0)Requires clean install.
(0) In-place installation option available.

For any short of trouble shoot and assistance or tech support go through the link
Vista Installation

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