Wednesday, June 4, 2008

5 Effective Steps To Make Your Vista Fly !

As usual, every generation of new Windows Operating System will consume far more resources than before, but this also means more features and greater user experience! It applies to Vista as well. In this article I will show you 5 very effective steps to speed up Vista, I can almost feel your Vista taking off! (Just kidding)

Without further delay, let's talk about the first step:
**Add more RAM - More memory means more resources to hold programs and services without accessing your hard disk. 4 GB is recommended, but you are limited to 3.2 GB to 3.6 GB RAM that actually available from a 4 GB memory machine. This is the limitation of 32 bits Vista ( x86), if you want more RAM support, you will have to upgrade to 64 bits ( x64).

Let's say you have a limited budget, and you want more speed, then the second step can help you:
**Use USB memory stick to run ReadyBoost - You can buy a 4GB USB memory stick with reasonably cheap price, and you can use it to accelerate your PC and transfer data between computer as well, many has reported ReadyBoost to be very effective on 512 MB and 1GB RAM computer, it can speed up Vista overall performance 20~50% faster.

Now comes the step 3, you really going to love Vista for this:
**Hybrid sleep mode - Sleep mode introduced itself since Windows 98, and now Vista extend this great feature and combine with XP hibernation mode to become hybrid sleep mode. It will allow user to shut down the computer instantly (Not really shutdown, but rather into sleep mode) and boot up instantly (5~7 seconds!). You do not have to worry about data loss due to power failure, because it saves your computer status in hibernation mode automatically before going into sleep mode, thus safe guard your data even you unplug the power!

The Vista default power plan on all new installations is conservative. You want that to your notebook to save power, but not your desktop computer! so step 4:
**Change your power plan to maximum performance -You want your processor to be ready in the fastest mode, by changing the plan to maximum performance, you can speed up Vista overall performance by another 10% to 15%!

Now the final step, and you need some technical knowledge to perform this:
Disable unused services - Many services in Vista is unused by most other users, by reducing the services run in background, you can dramatically increase Vista performance. However, you really need technical knowledge to perform this step, I urge you to find some guide and do some study before even trying it on your own computer!

This concludes the 5 effective steps to increase Vista performance, but the most effective way is still adding more RAM! Unless you really short of money, go get more RAM.

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